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    Outside North America’s City Limits

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Cory Leis

“Lucky us!” Karine Choiniere, Chris Glavin and Dwayne Macintosh doing the “down escalator” ride in Whistler, British Columbia’s stunning Soo River Valley.

Brace For Impact | West Side

West Side: Brace for Impact

I’m faced with making a split-second decision: take the high road and a possible collision, or bail out into the flats. Never one to bail, I try to squeak up and over a kooky-looking guy wearing a bright red helmet. He’s not even looking as he’s dropping in on me.

Brace For Impact | West Side

“This is the problem with Waimea Bay: after a big day, surfers are so tired, and then they have to deal with this huge shorebreak before they safely reach dry sand. This is my Brazilian friend, Sylvio Mancusi, an outstanding sup surfer. Luckily for him, on this particular afternoon his last wave was his biggest of the day. It took him all the way to the inside where he just dove off his board before being axed by a very heavy lip…then he and his paddle (and boardshorts full of a lot of sand!) swooshed up onto the steep beach; no broken gear!”

New Orleans | Summer 2017

New Orleans, LA

California paddler Lauren Bobowski saved the day for our Lake Tahoe-based buddy, photographer Ryan Salm! She was there to help keep Ryan’s sanity intact after last year’s knee surgery. “The Salmster” notes: “I live in a hardcore ski town, so the key was to quickly leave Tahoe behind so my buddies wouldn’t be able to continually grind on me about the insane snow conditions I was missing. I moved in with my parents in Florida, rented a car, and then (with a beautiful lady by
my side) drove all the way to Louisiana on a whim for the NOLA Jazz Fest. My new friend, Jeff Lakey, a local ‘Lusianan’ who runs NOLA Paddleboards, set Lauren up to sup wander through the bayou.” -Ryan

Columbia Gorge, OR

“Oregon’s Eagle Creek is a truly magical place! Located in the heart of the scenic Columbia River Gorge, the creek drains from the slopes of Oregon’s highest peak, Mount Hood, carving and cascading its way through remote forest and basalt cliffs on its way to the mighty Columbia River. The aptly named Punchbowl Falls is a two-mile trek up a rugged trail, with some sections literally carved into the side of sheer cliff walls. Although the water is frigid and the canyon shaded for all but a sliver of the day, this is a popular swimming hole during hot summer months. Logan Sales (pictured here) and her father, Aaron, were among the lucky few to paddle these waters last summer, thanks to the lightweight backpack-ability of their inflatable boards.” -Adam

Standies of the Texas Gulf Coast

Aloha, Y’All | Standies of the Texas Gulf Coast

Texas isn’t for the faint at heart, so let me get this warning outta the way from the get go: it can be just as dangerous and unforgiving here as it can be calm and beautiful. The coast and canals are lined with old run-down fishing shacks and duck blinds set against a landscape of rotting sea grass on the ground and very fine sand that gets into your eyes during the dry season and that turns to mud during downpours, eventually becoming a mucky clay that will keep ya stuck for days. And our local standup paddling crew and their friends here on the Gulf Coast of Texas are as diverse as the waterways and surrounding towns themselves…

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